Rey Pro TR Product Foil

A revolutionary cover foil for asparagus

Rey Pro TR Product Foil is a new cover foil for asparagus. Using this foil can double or even triple crop production, and the number of days between harvests can be increased.


Improved crop production


Less often harvesting

Triple-layer elastic foil

  • Black underside layer
  • White intermediate layer
  • A multi-colour (optional) top layer

The top layer is biodegradable. It breaks down gradually, depending on the sunlight.

After 12 to 14 weeks the foil becomes white, so it can be reused in the next season.

See the effect and all the benefits of the new Rey Pro TR Product Foil in this 2-minute video.

The elastic foil wraps the heads as the spears grow.

Growing in this elastic foil has the effect of ‘wrapping’ the asparagus heads. The white foil pushes away the biodegradable layer, so the heads do not burn.

This elastic foil results in the asparagus spears growing about 15 cm above the ground. The pressure of the foil makes the spears grow thicker and the asparagus heads remain tight. There is also much less rust on the spears because about 2/3 of the spear grows above the ground.

Growing with this foil permits lees frequent harvesting; about every 4 days in warm weather and every 8 during colder periods.

The Benefits of Rey Pro TR Product Foil

– Crop production doubled or even tripled

– Fewer loose, blue or burnt heads

– Spears remain white longer

– Higher quality

– Higher return

Increased return and higher quality.

A long-standing dream for many growers has become reality with Kameleon foil. Higher yield and better quality with less labour. If you’d like to know more, please feel free to contact us.

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